Don't Let a Lost Tooth Haunt Your Smile
By Dental Concepts
November 14, 2017
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Learn about dental implants from your dentist in Chatham, Chicago and Homewood.


dental implants

Lost teeth don't just affect your appearance, but may also have an impact on your oral health. Our Chatham, Chicago and Homewood, IL, dentist, Dr. Henry Moore, explains how you can restore your lost teeth with dental implants.


Implants offer a permanent solution to your problem


Dental implants replace missing teeth permanently, rebuilding your tooth from the root up. Dental implant technology relies on the bone bonding capabilities of titanium, a lightweight metal that you may associate with bicycles or hip implants. Implants are small titanium posts that fill in the space your roots once occupied. Implants are added during a minor in-office procedure.


Eventually, your dental implants will be connected to dental crowns, lifelike artificial teeth that replace the visible portion of the tooth. Before you can receive your crowns, your implant must bond to your bone, a process that takes three months or longer. Dental implants feel exactly like your natural teeth and can last the rest of your life, provided you're committed to practicing good oral hygiene.


Keep your smile strong with dental implants


Unseen changes in your jawbone after tooth loss can affect your oral health. Because your roots no longer provide stimulation that keeps the bone strong, it may begin to recede and become weaker. If you've lost several teeth, the changes to your jawbone can be more pronounced or occur more quickly. If your jawbone shrinks too much, it won't be able to support your teeth any longer. They may loosen and even fall out.


A strong jawbone helps support your facial muscles. As the bone weakens, you may notice that the lower part of your face begins to sag and droop, which can make you look older.


Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can also play a role in reducing tooth decay. Without your missing tooth to help support surrounding teeth, they may begin to drift. Drifting can cause teeth to overlap, which isn't just an appearance issue. When even small sections of teeth overlap, it's difficult to adequately remove plaque, the sticky film that causes cavities.


Would you like to find out if you're a good candidate for dental implants? Call Our Chatham, Chicago and Homewood, IL, dentist, Dr. Moore to schedule an appointment.


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