Dental Implants

Choose Dental Implants for the Strongest, Most Durable Support

What is a Dental Implant? Dental Implants are a natural looking and natural feeling solution for tooth loss that may be ideal for many patients. The implant itself is a synthetic “root” made of a titanium alloy which is surgically embedded into the bone at the replacement site. Due to the unique properties of titanium, the synthetic root fuses with the bone as it heals, providing an especially stable support for either an artificial tooth, or as the anchor for other dental prostheses, such as dentures. The results offer a securely fixed prosthetic that requires no modification of the surrounding teeth, as traditional dental bridges would require.

One of the first requirements to be considered for a dental implant procedure is that the patient be in good oral health. Additionally, as the process entails fixing the implant into the jawbone, the bone at the implant site must be of a quality and thickness that can accept the artificial root. Depending on where in the mouth the procedure is to be performed, bone grafting may be necessary to add thickness and support.

Dental Implants - High-Tech Teeth

The surgical process might consist of several stages, depending on the plan your dentist decides will best decrease risks and increase the likelihood of successful implantation. The process often begins with an incision into the gum line to create a flap which allows access to the underlying bone. Drilling into the bone creates the hole which houses the implant, to which an abutment is secured to provide the anchor for the crown. Healing times can vary, according to the course of action your dentist has decided will best serve your oral health, and the stability of your implants. In procedures that require bone grafting, the process can take up to 18 months to complete; procedures that do not require bone grafting commonly take anywhere from 2 to 6 months for complete healing occur.

Dental implants provide a permanence and durability that other tooth replacement treatments cannot. The secure feel and consistency of appearance with remaining teeth give the most “as close to natural” solution to tooth loss there is available. As such, care of replacement teeth is just like that of natural teeth; their health and appearance are maintained through conscientious brushing and flossing.

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