Custom Dentures Can Restore Your Appearance and Oral Function

Dentures are a dental prosthetic used to treat tooth loss, and are created in forms as varied as a patient’s need. They are primarily considered necessary for the functional purpose of chewing food, but they also address other concerns faced after tooth loss. The ability to properly pronounce words when speaking is an issue that dentures can help correct. Additionally they serve a cosmetic function, providing a complete smile, and filling out the hollows of the face that tooth loss can leave behind. Dr. Henry Moore offers custom, high-quality dentures in Chicago, IL, to restore your appearance and good oral function. Contact us to schedule an evaluation for dentures with Dr. Moore.

Depending on the type and extent of tooth loss experienced by a patient, different types of dentures may be more appropriate than others. Complete or Full Dentures are needed when either the maxillary (upper) or mandibular (lower) arches (or both) have experienced total tooth loss. Partial dentures correct tooth loss situations in which a few amongst the remaining teeth need replacing, and these can be addressed with either permanent or removable prosthetics.

Are You A Candidate?

In the creation of full dentures, a dental impression is taken from which a preliminary model of the denture is made. The model is applied to the patient, and necessary adjustments are made before the denture is cast in its final form. The acrylic denture is produced, fitted, and adjusted as necessary, and may be held in place with the aid of a temporary dental adhesive if your dentist considers it appropriate. Sometimes modifications for stability are made, which can include the use of surgical implants.

Partial dentures can be fixed or removable. Removable partial dentures are fastened to surrounding teeth with a metal frame, and the artificial teeth, set into a base that replicates the gum line, lock into place on the natural teeth. Fixed dentures, or bridges, are a more permanent treatment, and reduce the amount of shifting of the prosthetic. This, however, does require the modification of the natural surrounding teeth.

Dentures do require the proper attention to ensure their effectiveness and maintain your own oral health. Thorough brushing of gums, any remaining teeth, and tongue with help reduce and plaque that may become trapped by the dentures. The dentures themselves also benefit from regular brushing, and can be cleaned with mild or non-abrasive cleaning agents, and require soaking in a solution, or in water when not in use, in order to maintain their shape and proper fit. To find out more about our high-quality dentures, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Moore.

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